Wednesday, December 10

Floor Work

10th December
Three weeks on my own in the Lovely House and see what happens - I witter on about cats. You can probably tell that I'm not getting out much, I've spent most of my time clearing the brambles and thistles that filled the plum orchard - very satisfying but not a great story.

Yesterday though - life got exciting. The Tall Builder and his son started work on the barn floor. TB is a handsome man and his son is very gorgeous. Naturally I wanted them to feel welcome - thinking back though, maybe coffee at 5-minute intervals was a little excessive.

The barn is huge, there is a door to it from the back dining room, we are just concreting a third of the area. The floor is a bit lumpy so the men have knocked down the higher areas to level it out, made a wooden frame to contain the concrete and laid some plastic down as a membrane. The preparations are finished by lunchtime and they'll come back to pour concrete next week. See, things do happen here. (however if you're getting bored send me a meme or something 'cause I don't think I can stretch this kind of thing out all winter)

Cat update: Kevin, cock-a-hoop with his recent adventuring, will now eat from my hand, Julie stays well away from me.


  1. good morning - glad the work is being done before it gets much colder. i've had some success in the past with taming wild things of various flutter and fluff: all cats will chase a length of string with a feather,a bit of cloth attached. the wilder the creature the longer the string - as they get more the shorter the string. might sound silly but play is a good communicator of how trusting a human is, or is not....

  2. p.s.
    "as they get more tame, the shorter the string"

    and i think writing about adventures in clearing out brambles, having concrete poured, etc, is not boring material...

  3. Hi Deborah - I'll go get some string right away.

  4. I can't say too much about cats. Mine is 19 and still going strong. Now European barns are inspiring and much underrated.

  5. Just imagine the secret messages the cats will walk into the wet cement.

  6. Ian - Barns, now there's something I could go on about - watch this space
    Jacob - Last week I discovered that the mice had nibbled through the dishwasher cables, the cats are here to scare them off.
    Bill - cats leave a lot of messages don't they?

  7. "... mice are here to scare them off."

    Any signs of success? Have they brought you any presents for your kindness?


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