Wednesday, December 24

Happy Christmas

24th December
concrete floor laid and paid for
fill the car many times with piles of old planks from the woodyard
fenced off the area that will become a vegetable plot for filming
landlord calls to say that he's putting our house on the market and that we should expect visits from estate agents in the new year
I stopped frothing at the mouth

Back Story
Back in October our Landlord paid us a visit, shot at our cameramen, stayed for lunch and assured us that he had no plans to sell his property


  1. You should hire me as a consultant for this project: I am a bug gourmet. Please take Christmas Day off and enjoy yourself.

  2. At the rate property is selling I wouldn't worry too much...have a merry Christmas.

  3. Mr Bananas - a bug gourmet indeed, are you proposing to nibble on my earwigs?

    Thud - I don't think for a moment the property will sell, I'm more concerned about people using the opportunity to come and have a look around.

  4. A vacant lot next to ours once went on the market and we worried someone would build close to our house. There wasn't a thing I could do --- except every time prospective buyers were around I turned on all my shop machinery, air compressors and anything else that was loud. Funny, no one bought the property.

  5. with thud on this one. as for viewers, tell them that your bats have been found to carry rabies. also that while the property is impregnated with radon gas, only three visitors have ever developed lung cancer as a result.

    have a lovely xmas lulu.

  6. Real estate has slowed to a crawl here. The house next door to me has been on the market now for over a year. Of course, now that I think about it, that might be because it's next door to me?

    Hope you had a great and deelicious Xmas day!

  7. I guess there's no question of you and the Director buying the Lovely House?
    We had a feral cat of our own in the basement over this holiday. Remind me to tell you all about it.

  8. This blog is a breath of fresh air. I have immensely enjoyed my first visit - or would have done had I not been rather worried about what was happening to you. I shall return, hoping to find you in the grip of benevolent fortune.

  9. Bill - Cunning chap

    Ernest - Thanks for the suggestions and I hope your yule was cool

    Prunella - I bet you give your neighbourhood proper glamour.

    KSV - No, really can't consider buying here.

    Hi Dave and welcome


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