Tuesday, December 9


9th December
Since the cats arrived, I started having my morning coffee on the back step which is in the wood shed. I usually ignore the cats and read. After intially just watching me from their hiding places they started playing together nearby, finally coming close enough for me to realise that the one I've been calling Janet has nuts and is dead cocky - obviously that was a ridiculous name for him - he became Kevin.

I couldn't think what to call the other, much shyer, dark grey cat until yesterday when Kevin disappeared. I'd gone out for my morning coffee and saw her on her own, trembling and looking hard at me, I sat down and she came close letting me stroke her. Her funny half tail was straight up and quivering and she did a lot of meowing - I chatted back in what I hoped was a reassuring manner and she became 'Julie'. She spent the day following me around (as long as I stayed outside). At intervals during the day I went and looked around the place, including the road for a flat, or otherwise distressed, Kevin without luck. Then in the evening suddenly he was back and they were twining around each other. Julie seems embarrassed by her earlier behaviour and is now staying further away from me than ever - women eh, who can understand them?


  1. hmmmm - by the way 'julie' was acting she might be going into heat - maybe you'll have your own batch of kittens.
    have you heard the expression "tom catting around"? kevin was probably checking out any available female felines in the neighborhood....eh,men!

  2. Luckily 'Julie' was spayed (her previous home managed to drug the young cats and get the girls done). But you're right as an adolescent cocky Kevin is probably out checking the local talent

  3. Catting around is a possibility - Toms are sldo stealth killers so he could be out hunting and killing things.

  4. I do hope so Bill - that's why he's here.

    Hey Mr bananas - you must introduce me to some


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