Tuesday, December 16

Fancy Dress Bar

16th December
I am entranced by the weekly markets in France, after I've bought food I usually go to the hardware stalls where I buy little plastic briefcases for transporting my eggs, novelty plastic fly swats and jugs. I am intrigued by the bundles of small rectangular carpet pieces, hessian-backed and blanket-stitched around the edges - I guess one places them under the feet while watching TV or eating dinner. From what I can see most French people have ceramic tiles or lino on their downstairs floor - perhaps they’d rather have carpet. I imagine one starts off buying just enough to place a piece under each foot, gradually building up a collection that can be placed, like stepping stones, along popular routes around the house.

Women’s clothes on French market stalls are very particular, lots of strange hybrid things; two or three different styles and fabrics are spliced together resulting in the bastard offspring of, for example, a pin-stripe pencil skirt, a gypsy skirt and a lacy curtain. Last week, at the market with Mme Bontette I succumbed to a very cosy coat/dress (droat?) in two-tone green and black; fleecy on the inside, it has a mandarin collar and zips hem to neck on either side. It’s tunic-like and, worn with black tights and boots, makes me feel that I should be on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Down at the bar it’s all a bit depressing. The big supper last month must’ve used all their battery power because since then Kurt can’t be bothered to cook very often. He usually sits very close to the big screen watching car racing. The French people have been in a few times since the supper event but as Kurt refuses to take his eyes off the screen and his wife can’t speak French they’ve gone away again. Also Kurts friend Ed has problems with alcohol and frequently needs to make use of the bathroom as a vomitorium and keeps missing whichever receptacle he’s aiming for.

I went there for the weekly pétanque game wearing my new outfit this weekend, Kurt watching telly in a 'Satan Rules' t-shirt, Courtney behind the bar in full bondage gear and Mrs Druid sporting a colourful stripey jumper and rainbow harem pants, Mrs D. took a long look at me and said
What a curious garment


  1. I wish I could beam myself over there and go to the markets with you. The outfit sounds cute to me.

    Live long and prosper!

  2. Your life is starting to sound like a very odd version of "Alice in Wonderland" with an emphasis on the "wonder".
    The new outfit sounds great and I bet you look wonderful in it!

  3. Pru - if you're in the market for trashy rock chick gear - this is the place

    Deborah - Bosch, Lewis Carol, Lulu.. it's all down to the drugs I think

  4. on your comment to my blog: yes, i do have quite the life here - it's a little different than most as i have a delightful son who will always be a seven-yr old mentally and is the main reason i am a stay-at-home mom. he manages to keep his middle-aged parents on their toes and is probably the reason we look (and act)younger than our years.
    however, i do call myself the "princess in the tower" - i rarely have an evening out and the visits to friends can be spaced two,three,six months apart. such is the life of being rural. i am not complaining, it's the choice we made and the times when i do get together with the gals are even more precious....

  5. I'm not sure that is the sort of bar I'd like.

    This is absolutely true (I'm not kidding), but my word verification is "avoidso"!

    Which is exactly what I'd say about that bar!

  6. Your droat sounds just fine to me. There are some peculiar things at these markets though - our town has a Tuesday one and I've barely bought a thing from them - I must look for your droat though - it sounds good.

  7. Deborah - do you write about your son on your blog- are there other children?

    DD - I find myself unable to recommend this place which is a shame as I can't cycle any further afield

    FF - do you get these carpet pieces on your market? I think one would make a fine saddle for a bichon frisée

  8. Dear Lulu -

    I love that closing line. Tell me, did she say it in English? Anyone who has "curious" and "garment" available as a bit of working vocabulary and can toss off a line like that in a French bar is someone I would like to meet. Add me to the list of those who want to see your outfit.

  9. This sounds exactly the sort of place I'm looking to retire to. Please send your O.S. coordinates immediately by carrier pigeon.

  10. Never put all your eggs in the same briefcase, that's what my mum always told me.

  11. Mrs Druid is English KSV - her words had withering intent (I'm not easily withered though)

    Daphne - They'll be reopening the bar as an S+M joint in the new year, I'll put in your application for membership

    Rol - I have a selection of these briefcases - so important to colour code ones eggs

  12. no, i dont write about my son - the two blogs i do is enough. my world has enough of the handicapped(gasp! she is being polictically incorrect! the terminology to be used is either "physically disabled" or "mentally challenged".oh blah) to where i prefer to keep my contact with the outside world with those that wander in (somewhat) more normal worlds - altho' i suspect your world to be a little odder than most.....
    writing about my son or making feminist art are "things" i rarely do - i am living a life that has little room (or need) for angst over gender issues and i try to keep my personal life off the reading list for the world....
    enough on that - just why are kurt and courtney living in france? or this just happens to be the space allotted for them to occupy?

  13. I've only read one post of your blog so far and once my eyes stop spinning I'll definitely be back for more. BTW there'll be loads of cream on the mince pie over at mine - good idea!

  14. Deborah - Kurt is part of the Strange family.This post
    is my first encounter with the family. The parents left him and his wife in charge early November. I'm about to refresh the links to relevant posts on the side bar.

    Frankofile - YUMMY!!!

  15. Hi Lulu,

    What a great job u have with this blog. I like it! Btw, m from Malaysia. Do you kno where it is?


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