Thursday, June 23


There is so much graffiti going on where I live that the shopkeepers have decided that, rather than fight it, they will go with the flow and many have asked the graffiteurs to artify their shop signs and shop fronts. I am filled with the urge to go out at night with my own cans to add to the decoration.

Does anyone else think that my plan to transform the 'Massage Club' front would make it more amusing?

This is all work displacement daydreaming, I pass the 'Sausage Club' twice daily but my waking hours are taken up with getting ready to go on a filming trip in the Azores which is why I have no time to blog let alone paint.

I'm off at midnight and will try to post from my far away island when I'm not busy trying to catch a giant squid


  1. Hello Lulu:
    Oh, Lulu we see you as the new Keith Haring. Jó munkat [as the Hungarians would say].

    Bon voyage!

  2. And, perhaps, there will be Azorean chairs to be whipped into line...?
    Have fun!

  3. Brilliant! Is there a cover charge?

  4. Jane & Lance - I'll be adulterating walls in Brighton any time soon

    Dinahmow - Not sure if they have naughty chairs in the Azores ...

    xl - no - it's an 'all you can eat buffet'


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