Thursday, June 23

Praying To Edna

Miss Whiplash and Girl Wonder have organised our squid-hunting trip. Without them there would be no expedition.

I have talked about Whiplash in previous posts, she is very tall and good at sums and when she is not in trouble with the police she runs our film company with a rod of iron. Miss Whiplash also sings in a band. This weekend she is off to play at Glastonbury and somewhere between handing me the call sheet for the trip and telling me that she had ten packets of Betty Crocker mix at home which had to be turned into hash cakes by the morning she advised me to pray to Goddess Edna, I misheard this before I looked it up, so forever in my mind we will be asking Edna's help in our quest to find a Giant Squid before the end of July.

Accounts of Edna's life vary, she was an Inuit with an abusive father who was desperate to marry her off to the highest bidder. In some accounts, having realised that he'd married her to a 'bird creature' Edna's father tries to rescue her, this involves throwing her into the sea. Other versions have it that the father is so enraged by Edna's refusal to obey him that he throws her into the sea. Either way Edna always tries to rescue herself by climbing into her father's kayak and he chops off her frozen fingers. Edna falls to the depths of the ocean turning into a sea animal as she plummets. Edna's fingers grow into seals and whales and polar bears and Edna becomes the ruler of sea monsters.

the image is one made by my new favourite artist Ningeokuluk Teevee


  1. The memory is a bit vague, but I think I last saw Edna in The Sea Of Holes.

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  3. PS: Rock on, Miss Whiplash!

  4. xl - The Sea of Holes is exactly the sort of place one would find Edna.

    We are dreading the state that we'll find Whiplash in next week, Girl Wonder will have to install a caffeine drip.

  5. Contemporary Inuit artists are keen to depict present day celebrities in their artwork, often rendered in pencil crayon. I think they'd love the idea of a mash-up version of Sedna with Dame Edna. Maybe you could organize a trip to Iqaluit (in Nunavut) and get some of the local artists going on this concept.

  6. I think it was bad enough that the girl was going to end up in the sea no matter what. Let's hope she ended up as a sea lion or something cute rather than a monster squid??? W.C.C.

  7. She sounds really cool.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  8. Apologies in advance for this:

    Do you think the ladies will have primed the expedition by putting a postcard in a newsagent's window asking: "Could you lend us a squid till August?"

    [slopes off, ashamed...]

  9. Wow - I think Edna is your kind of gal - feisty!

    Louciao - I too love the idea of a mash-up version of Sedna with Dame Edna. Will follow this one up xx

    W.C.Camp Let's hope she ended up as a sea lion or something cute rather than a monster squid???
    there are many variations on the story. I think we have enough sweet but deadly mermaid-types, I imagine her full of big sharp toothed rage.

    Boonie - I hope so, I really am trying to invoke her goodwill

    Kevin Musgrove - I knew I could rely on you


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