Monday, June 6

Whale Meat Again

I have just returned from the Azores, this was a recce for a forthcoming filming expedition which was arranged and executed with tremendous haste. I’ve spent the last four days meeting skippers and making lists, measuring things, making drawings and drinking a lot of strong coffee. The main things that have stayed in my head from the trip are these:

a) Portuguese as a written language clearly has similarities with Spanish, but when spoken it is full of soft szjujj-ey noises which makes it sound like a language being played backwards

b) There are a lot of sausages on the Azores, I didn’t get a chance to sample them all, but I can recommend Azorean black pudding.

c) The Azores is Whale World; former whale-processing stations line the roads to the harbours, bars are full of little whales carved out of their own bones, snack bars operate from whale-shaped huts and whales are woven into the in the pavements.

I saw 'whale’ on a restaurant menu but I didn’t find out if it really was from that animal, it might have turned out to be just a whale-shaped sausage.


  1. Hello Lulu:
    Clearly you had a whale of a time in the Azores!

    Sadly, our Geography is shockingly poor so as to knowing where exactly in the world you have been is quite beyond us at preset. However, immediately we have left the keypad we shall consult the atlas.

    It all does sound to have been most intriguing and, of course, we wonder what the nature of a film could be that requires such a location. No doubt,time will tell.

  2. And your camera is fixed [mine is on the way back from the repairers as I type!].
    Now this shoot sounds like it's going to be fun. Especially with all the extra sausage.

  3. Lulu, Princess of Whales!

  4. Listen to you, blubbering about whale.

  5. i love your travelogues, sugar! xoxoxo

  6. Is anybody gonna take the easy setup and say something about their whale sized sausage or do I have to take charge around here?

  7. Of course, most people in this column are far too polite to even snigger about whale-sized sausages.But I did wonder...

  8. Bizarre about all the sausages. Call me a romantic if you will, but I'd imagined that such an island paradise (though not if you're a whale, obviously) would have served its food in plate o'erflowing cornucopeas rather than stuffing it into little plastic tubes.

  9. Sampling sausages broadens your horizons.

  10. Hello Jane & Lance

    I had no idea where the Azores was until it was announced that we would be filming there. Our film will be about bioluminesence

    Scarlet - those camera repairers were very good, I hope yours goes as smoothly.
    I think this shoot sounds will be fun and terrifying, we will all need extra sausage.

    xl - I think of myself more as a Grand Duchess

    Red - never miss a chance for a good blubber and wail

    Sav- and I yours xxx

  11. Wow, - I just assumed that you would take charge.

    Dinahmow - no-one can resist sniggering at sausages.

    Gadjo - I would also prefer cornucopeas to little plastic tubes, maybe cornucopeas do exist on the other islands

    MJ - we know that

  12. This is the second blog post in a row I've read about whales.

    I'd have thought the Azores would be all about fruit. Can't wait till you start filming, I love your away filming posts.

  13. Gawd bless you Eryl, I've got a feeling this could be quite a trip.

  14. Hey!

    Issy here from the Azores! It was such a pleasure to meet you!!! Glad to hear that you loved the music!!! I´ll have to dig up some more of Zeca´s music for you! :)

  15. Hi Issy - s glad you found me, look forward to seeing more of Zeca


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