Thursday, June 9

Some Azorean Culture

I have a new bff in the Azores, keen to educate me in the culture of the islands she has sent me this link featuring Azorean singer Zeca Medeiros. I love it.


  1. Hello Lulu:
    Well, when asked at parties what life is like in the Azores we shall now, thanks to you, be able to answer with confidence!

    What a fascinating little film giving a wonderful snapshot of Azorean life.

  2. That was the best! I'm going straight to bed now to see what kind of dreams it engenders, X

  3. I'd like some of whatever it is the Azoreans are on!

  4. Jane & Lance - I'm so glad you enjoyed it too.

    Eryl - I dreamed about dancing around in a big hat after that

    xl - I guess it's whatever they put in the sausages

  5. I think we need to carry that song and those images everywhere we go. I know i'd be smiling!


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