Tuesday, June 7

Getting a Reputation

Bristol gets in the news now and again it’s always interesting to see which bits of information stick.

Miss Whiplash stayed late in the office last night, waiting for one of our cameras to be returned by a French company who had been using it to film bats in Nicaragua.

The camera was delivered by a handsome and underemployed young artist who was delighted to be in Bristol - our city was a holy place for him.

Where can I see ze Banksys?

Whiplash gave him a map and pointed out some of the places where the young man could see some of the artist’s best work. But the man looked concerned

Are zese in any of the bad places?

Whipash was puzzled - what do you mean by bad places?

for example, St Pauls I ‘ear it is full of how you say? ... toxicos

is there anywhere else you’ve been warned about?

yes Southmead are you telling me to go anywhere near Southmead?*

Whats wrong with Southmead?

The Nazis are living there

*The only reason that we know of Southmead is because of its hospital which has an excellent neurosurgery unit.


  1. Bad,bad Bristol? Maybe there are still press gangs on the prowl?

  2. I've worked in Kings Cross, Sydney, which has a bad reputation, for over 9 years now. People from our head office in the suburbs are afraid to come visit. Hilarious really, there's such a strong police presence that I think it's one of the safer places to be - during the day at any rate.

    There's still the occasional murder at night....

  3. I need to visit again to see the BANKSYS and anti-Tesco riots!

  4. so, what did the delightful miss w tell the handsome and underemployed young artist, sugar? ;~D xoxoxox

  5. Ahh, the French. What was it Bart Simpson called them? "Cheese eating surrender monkeys"? I prefer "Germans who can cook."

    Ohh. I'm kidding, just kidding! Nobody get their culottes in a twist.

  6. Well... he is young; perhaps he has seen little of the world. =)


  7. Maybe he comes from a more dangerous place? In Paris for instance, there are places you shouldn't go with poor spelling, at the risk of getting trampled by a stampeding herds of wildeditors.

    @Syncopated eyeball: Toxicos is short for toxicomane, which is the word the French use for a person with substance dependency issues.

  8. Hello Lulu:
    And what has become of dear Clifton? Surely that is still safely in the hands of the well-heeled, nice quiet types?

    It is so good to know that the Urban Guerilla is alive and well on the streets of Bristol.

  9. Dinah - we send out press gangs to enslave fresh crops of camera boys

    Nursey I've heard all about Kings Cross - that's how you get to Paris right?

    xl - Our BANKSYS and anti-Tesco riots are the best

    Sav - Whiplash took good care of the young man - believe me! xx

    KSV - I have spent many a pleasurable evening trading insults with the French, they get as good as they give.

    Synchy - Toxico sounds so much nicer than junkie, doncha think?

  10. Kane - now he's met Whiplash he has seen considerably more of the world.

    Alesa - I need you to come here and help with translations!

    Hello Jane & Lance

    It's Clifton types that come over to our side of town to cause all the trouble.

    Last I heard the Urban Guerilla was living in Brighton

  11. We had a Banksy in Southampton. Apparently he painted it in a residential area whilst hanging around waiting for the ferry to the Isle of Wight. It was valued at around £25k shortly after a local resident painted over it. The council have since been trying to restore it.

  12. Marky - That has happened to a lot of Banksys, one of my favourite pieces of his reads
    'if graffitti had the power to change anything it would be illegal'

  13. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement with all the comments above. :D

  14. Lulu, I had a blast in Bristol with Nick the Nicker and Earthworm Jim. I can't imagine how "shifty" the young man thought these areas would be!?!? I'd come for a visit anytime!

  15. Is that a job offer?
    Though, of course, I'm a translator, and it sounds like what you need is an interpreter. ; j

  16. Good grief, what a wuss! I suppose he'd be OK if les toxicos were doing what they do in a, like, ironic way, like on the rive gauche.

  17. Nazis and toxicos, Bristol sounds a bit like the Berlin of Sally Bowles.

  18. Hello Fresh Garden - so glad you agree

    Scribe - I bet I'm regularly drinking with Nick the Nicker and Earthworm Jim but suspect they've moved aliases to dodge the plice

    Alesa - we always need interpreters, bet you do both x

    Gadjo - he's an artist - being a wuss is what they do

    Eryl - Bristol sounds a bit like the Berlin of Sally Bowles.

    you have cast my home in such an interesting new light - thank you


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