Friday, June 10

Man and Lady In Garden With Cat

Twenty years ago I bought an old Super 8 camera in a flea market and filmed everything that moved until I ran out of film. These masterpieces then languished in a drawer for years.

I made two attempts to get the reels digitised but neither time was the job done well. Bits of my footage have survived the process though and earlier this year I used them to practice using a video editing programe.

This first epic shows my parents playing in the garden


  1. Hello Lulu:
    Such very jolly and such animated parents! What fun this 'film' depicts and what happy memories it must recall for you.

    And, of course, the cat deserves a mention and should not be left out.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. By crikey, but that cat moves fast.

    P.S Can you work your magic on my parents, as they've slowed down considerably over the last few years.

  3. Next thing you know your vid will go viral!

  4. Oh Lulu, that did make me smile. I loved everything in it - your dad, your mum, the cat, the music...

  5. what a delight, sugar! i loved the bit with the clothes line! i remember my mom doing that. xoxoxoxo

  6. very azorean? o.O

    Great video! Totally enjoyed that!


  7. I didn't know Gene Kelly was your Dad!

  8. Nicely done!

    Now that you're a successful and artistic film editor ... I have a couple of shoe boxes filled with old home movies ...

  9. I can't believe your mom clogged up the zip line with her laundry.

  10. Aliens or generations far in the future, will view this and wonder what sort of signaling, what sort of ritualistic behavior was this? esp that of your mom....

  11. What great fun your father seems to have been, and top marks to the up-for-anything ginger cat!

  12. This is fun. Thanks for this.

    Have a good week, Boonie

  13. Well, that explains a lot!

    Did the presence of that immense magic mushroom growing in the middle of your backyard have anything to do with the shenanigans of your parents that you captured there?

    I think you should be hired to edit the animal footage your husband is always out filming.

  14. Bugger! I can't view this from my phone; have to wait til I get to the internet cafe. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it so much, I feel quite left out. :(

  15. Jane & Lance - they have always been very animated - and the cat very long suffering!

    My weekend was lovely in parts - thank you xx

    Miss Scarlet - send address of your parents and I'll get mine to send the drugs that keep them going

    xl Very Azorean! I thought so too.

    Alesa - who needs a virus?

    Nursey - so glad you liked it

    Sav - That clothes line thing - it's such a 'mom thing'. xoxoxoxo

    Mme lizard - I think it shares certain qualities with your Azorean video

    Dinahmow I didn't know Gene Kelly was your Dad! nor did my dad

  16. Bill - thanks - when I've got through my own shoebox I'll move on to yours xx

    Wow - My mom believes zip lines should be multi-functional

    MJ - such fun to be had!

    Deborah - I often wonder what aliens would make of us

    Gadjo - my father seems to inspire great devotion in cats

    Boonie - the pleasure was all mine xx

    Louciao - that immense magic mushroom growing in the middle of your backyard is the key to everything!

    Synchy - You might like it - but no chairs are involved!

  17. I absolutely love Super 8 film. It just reminds me of the early days when every frame of film was special because it was SO HARD to get! Digitize all of your films if you can because after a couple of decades the film will start to get very brittle. Keep posting - very fun! W.C.C.

  18. I also love the Super 8 film too. How wonderful that you have this film of your parents.
    I love what you did with the editing what a hoot.

    I even love the old Polaroid instant photos. You could always get the best color and distortion from them.

    I came over from Eryl's blog.

    cheers, parsnip

  19. OMG! You are an auteur on top of all your other accomplishments. I am emailing Cahiers du Cinema as soon as I finish here. Your parents are adorable, BTW.

  20. You could call this Cat on a String.

  21. I hope you´ll have some spare time to show me how to do these marvelous little videos! :D

  22. W.C.Camp - Super 8 film is very special. I intend to have one more go at getting mine digitised before it crumbles.

    Hello Angryparsnip - old Polaroids were great fun

    KSV - thank you darlin' - my parents are adorable aren't they?

    Red- Cat on a String ok

    wickedlizard - spare time (haha) i'll certainly try xx


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