Monday, June 27

Here We Are Then


Arrived Azores at lunchtime, it is damp and it is a bank holiday here. Shops shut. Luggage still in Lisbon.

We hear that our giant cable, housed in a crate the size of a small apartment and the major component of our filming kit – the one that was freighted two weeks ago - has not arrived.

Seven of us are occupying two adjacent holiday homes, most of us are sleeping in the upper house, the lower house has become the camera-cable-computer-nerve-centre. The upper house has a wood oven and I have ordered wood which can’t be delivered until Monday.


Starts misty, gets rainy … then torrential

Mosquitos don’t like being out in the rain, the island’s entire population of biting insects appear in our house looking for food and shelter. At breakfast time the youngest Camera Boy, fed up with the attention, took his can of man perfume, pointed it at 'flying stuff’ and pushed his finger down on the sprayer until the can was empty.

Someone called with the information that they spoke to a man who is almost certain that our cable is in his cargo-collecting place on our island – he will check first thing Monday when the cargo place opens.


The sun is out, steam-drying the landscape - colours are supersaturated

A veteran cameraman-oceanographer is part of our team, charming, handsome and fishy – it’s like we have found a synthesis of Clark Gable and Jacques Cousteau. He goes out to sea in a kayak that he pedals rather than paddles. When he sees something interesting he gets in the water and films it. Today he filmed a baby whale playing near the surface of the ocean, the footage is very beautiful.


No-one has any idea where our cable is until lunchtime when it is tracked down in Lisbon.

The man with wood for the wood stove is called to find out the time of his delivery, he tells us that he has not had time to go out and chop down any trees yet.


  1. Hello Lulu:
    And yet, dear Lulu, there is the internet to keep you and your adoring readers in touch.

    We have no idea why a woman of your capabilities is waiting around for the lumberjack to provide wood. Surely, this is something you could have accomplished in an hour or two and then concoted a five course dinner for everyone [including the mosquitos] whilst of course creating makeshift garments from bits and bobs around the house whilst your luggage appears.

    The lack of the necessary CABLE does, we agree, appear to be a stumbling block to your Azorean film idyll and so, perhaps, best to head out to sea with CG/JC and swim with the whales.

  2. Do the bitey insects like their new scent?

    Do the film crew like the youngest Camera Boy's scent now that he's sans perfume?

  3. No firewood? There's alway's furniture, flooring and cabinets... those will burn better than green wood anyway.

  4. Filming baby whales??? How did that guy catch me when I was swimming? Interesting post - WE WANT MORE!! W.C.C.

  5. Oooh err, all a bit mañana, then.

  6. Unseasoned logs???? *splutters*

  7. I thought we'd established that the girls in the backroom could reduce the thickest municipality into matchwood should the need present itself.

  8. Jane and Lance - I am indeed hoping to secrete myself in the boat and head out to sea with CG/JC to swim with the whales.

    xl - the bitey insects prefer the Camera Boy's now that he's sans perfume - he can be seen slapping himself with newspapers now!

    Bill - that was my plan obviously but then help arrived!

    Nursey - I'm afraid that Mr Sunday has a rather gorgeous Mrs Sunday

    W.C.Camp - I gather that you were sending up flares in the bay area.

    Gadjo Dilo - nothing as urgent as 'mañana'

    Scarlet - unthinkable x

    Kevin - but there aren't enough girls here!

  9. I hear Lisbon old town is jumping, your cable's probably having a marvellous time.

    I never have time to chop down any trees myself, so I sympathise with the wood man.

  10. Haha what a brilliant idea, thanks!


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