Sunday, January 12

Banana Art

On Friday I went to the depot where manufacturers bring excess materials/mistakes/by-products. Here one can fill a large shopping trolley with knicker elastic, bits of string, misprinted maps, sheet-sized pieces of felt and rubber body parts. On payment of 10 groats one can also take these things home.

I will make the sitting-in bit of a garden chair with the knicker elastic – pink and blue if you’re asking.  The bits of string are too short to be very useful but I used them to tie a blanket-sized piece of felt into a concertina-y tube then boiled it and dyed it yellow. It came out of the boiler looking a bit weedy – like it had been weed on - so I twisted it further and baked it in the oven like a strudel until it had burnt patches all over. I love this thing that looks like an enormous ripening banana skin and smells like a croissant, I will wear it round my neck like a gigantic Elizabethan ruff and dogs will follow me down the street. 

I just googled 'banana art' - had no idea it was actually a 'thing'


  1. I hope you had the safety settings nailed down on your search engine when you searched for "banana art"

  2. Indeed... I am surprised you didn't end up at Infomaniac!

  3. Are you brave enough to look for sausage art now?

  4. I have a feeling that you've hit upon something terribly trendy ... and just in time for the annual film awards season!

    1. I am indeed dressing Gaga and Will i am this season


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