Saturday, January 25

Wrapping-up a Room

Just before Christmas a sad thing happened to our friend, so that sad thing also happened to the rest of us – but a bit less.

We have been trying to make things better for her. Part of that involves a Big Clear Out in her home  - one room in particular, I got a call for help to redecorate this red red room:

I bought some rolls of brown wrapping paper to paper the walls with I think it’ll look great in there

Ok do you need anything – wallpaper paste?

No I’ve got loads of glue sticks.

We crayoned the glue sticks over the walls and stuck on the stripey brown paper it was like wrapping a parcel from the inside.

and when I looked at what we were doing I thought this does look great, it looks a bit like leather – vegetarian leather. 

Working silently for the first hour then my friend said

These glue sticks are really excellent - last time I used honey which wasn’t nearly as successful.


  1. honey? sweet mary sunshine, sugar , did you ask here how the hell she did that??? by the by, i am sorry something bad happened to your friend, but i can honestly say, i can't imagine anything better than YOU helping to console her! xoxoxox

    1. You need to spread the honey on the wall rather than the paper. This also acts as an ant trap xxxooo

  2. "ask HER" i was so intrigued, i typed faster than usual...xoxoxo

  3. Christo is kicking himself for not thinking of this!

    1. They got all their ideas from us xxxooo


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