Friday, January 3

Cakewalk of Shame

Last week I did the 'halfway outfit test'  this involves trying on the 'test' dress. If it won't quite zip up, it means that less than half my clothes currently fit me,  last week the dress actually laughed at me and refused to get past my waist. 
The night after the frock humiliation, my dreams mingled the cake/body angst together -  I visited Claridges for afternoon tea. The waiter arrived and fastened the cakes directly onto my body, I left for a job interview wearing a meringue on one breast, a cupcake on the other and jangling as I walked in a skirt of chocolate fingers.


  1. Cake Armour! Functional and tasty!

    1. Of course - the perfect solution! xx

  2. the goal was to get back on the treadmill on january 2nd. that didn't happen, so i feel your pain, sugar! of course, a skirt of chocolate fingers would b gone before i even stood up! xoxoxoxo

  3. A chocolate finger skirt would have to be eaten before going out in the rain - otherwise it'd melt one would look such a fool! HNY Sav xxx


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