Monday, January 6



I love it when I get the special poetic spam, this is a favourite:


The Pink Mouth Turbo Tube sleeve combines the popular mouth orifice with the latest fleshlight texture - the Turbo Tube. Fortunately, with today's news we don't lose screen real estate, the smaller, bite-sized egos instead of the pressure being all on the right side. Take you car to best garage in the county and arrange to have one of the plane. One worm changes the wallpaper on affected devices to a photo of a plane crash.

I love the idea of a bite-sized ego, I think I have one of those - one that is easily nibbled away at.

Image 'Logan' by Oli Macavoy


  1. The first sentence should sell a lot of those at Infomaniac!

  2. I think she's the one sending the emails

  3. Well, you should be able to tell...if there is no mention of crocs, she's a safe bet!


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