Sunday, January 26

Not Knitting

I want to knit a thing but wool’s really expensive so I haunt charity shops lookingout for actual wool woolies that I can unknit and reknit.  I find them and get them home and like them as they are so I’ve ended up with a pile of ready knitted things and a lot of washing to do.

On my way back from the print studio there was a lone open shop in the Sunday morning quiet - a charity shop. I went in and the assistant followed me excitedly round the shop keeping up a running commentary.

It’s been so dead, you’re only the third in since I opened and that was hours ago, I haven’t taken a penny yet do you think it’ll rain all day? I've got the insurance coming tomorrow to look at my roof which is leaking but if it’s going to be torrential today then I’m really stuck aren’t I? Nice shoes.

He was really really close and put me off my jumper-touching, I backed towards the ‘entertainment’ section and picked up a Motown Chartbuster, gave the guy his first sale then came home and got my record player out - it’s been  a happy afternoon singing along with the Temptations.

reasons to be cheerful that my house is bloody freezing

1. I have a lot of jumpers that need wearing

2. The irises that I put in a vase 10 days ago are still looking fresh (frozen?)

3.   ... ???


  1. I used to work in the back room of a charity shop. I used to steam the clothes (I wasn't paid, I volunteered). During the steaming I came across some interesting smells. Wash those woollies well!!

  2. That chap has a worrying bulge.No, not *that* one.Sort of in the lower chest region...

  3. 3. Inspiration for a Dickensian novel about a down-on-her-luck but plucky jelly wrestler forced by circumstances to unravel woolens for use in a sweatshop!

  4. I hadn't realised how much I missed this blog till I came back today. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow, and the next day.
    Why is your house freezing, have you run out of wood?

    1. thank you Eryl, my house is freezing because it is full of gaps - I am told this is healthy


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