Friday, January 31


there can not be any rain left in the whole world

it all fell on my house this afternoon

Image by Viviane Sassan

I’m trying to concentrate on designing a book about bees. My many distraction strategies mainly involve visiting the kitchen. 

While making lunch I turned on the radio and got engrossed in a programme about statistics manipulation, I took the radio back upstairs to my busy bee work place. On the way my fingers slipped the dial a notch onto a local community station where two schoolgirls were talking and giggling as though only to each other while looking at a computer and trying to work out the pricing structure of a festival on the Isle of Wight, it was great.  

Last time I found this station I was riveted by two presenters trying to do a programme about mental health issues, they had two interviewees (nurses) trying to tell us about support available in our area – but the information was lost due to the presenter's escalating hysterics over the fact that one woman was called Kirsty the other  Kusty it was the best radio I’d heard all year.  

I signed up to receive a bi-weekly fortune-telling email from Miranda July
this one arrived today

Good job with how you handled everything last night. This proves, once and for all, you are the right person to be you.
good luck,

I feel relieved


  1. I enjoyed Ms July's Me and You and Everyone We Know.

    I clicked on the link you provided and then on to her blog. She mentions a Mexican restaurant in Berlin that I will now try on my next visit.

    Serendipity and good fortune!

    1. One of my favourite films LX. Mexican in Berlin - do you think they put curry gravy on the burritos?

  2. Had there been some earlier doubt over your ability to be you?

    1. I frequently have doubts in that department

  3. *starts twiddling knobs to find local radio station.... and looks about desperately to find the knob to turn the rain off*

    1. I turned rain off last night but it's only a temporary respite x


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