Wednesday, April 2

A Single Glass of Beer

  has provoked the sort of hangover that is only excusable if one has consumed several bottles of wine followed by generous dosing of hard liquor.

I baked a self-pity loaf and put it with the work-avoidance-food mountain that I have created this week.

Luckily it is the day for gently hoovering the oldies and visiting the man-with-no-voice.

Now I am home trying to focus  on being creative but I have a headache, I am blurry and bluebottles keep buzzing on the window next to me.

The window is a big attraction for big flies, I have a newspaper handy and I like to think I can finesse the swat just hard enough to knock them dead but cleanly off the window. I just picked up the paper to deal with the new buzzers and yesterday's 'death  toll' crawled out of the pages and  back onto the window. Not having the motor skills to attempt clean carnage my window is now covered with squashed bodies.


  1. Maybe next time vacuum the bugs instead?

    The front of my Jeep and the windshield were covered in squashed bug remains from a road trip last week. I ran it through the automatic car wash yesterday with good results.

    1. I wonder if there is an automatic housewash I could run through the house?

  2. It is a gorgeous loaf. What is in it? I am baking banana bread today though I had to accidentally drop three perfectly healthy bananas on the floor repeatedly to make them look presentably bruised to waste on bread.

    1. my bananas went in a rice pudding baked with cardamom and lemon peel. The bread is a white sourdough loaf flavoured with ground allspice.


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