Thursday, April 17

Yucky and Owchy

While in Hungary I loved going to the bath houses. During one visit I saw a translation of the hundreds of available treatments. I copied part of the list in case I was talking to someone and they suggested we went for galvanaram kezeles.

The Indian Film-maker told me that every day she practises 'oil-pulling'.

She fills her mouth with oil and swills it around for TWENTY MINUTES before spitting it out. This is an ayurvedic treatment to rid the body of toxins and is considered excellent for oral health, the skin and lots of other things.

The Indian Film-maker saw my face as she was telling me this

Oh you will definitely vomit the first time you try it, maybe also the second and third time but I promise with practise you can do it.

This made me think of a friend who washes herself regularly in her own urine  and a family member who has her face acid-peeled.

Sometimes I pay to let a heavy woman lean on me and rub pieces of thread around my mouth to eradicate my moustache and goatee beard.


  1. 20 minutes! Good god! One minute seems like an eternity when swishing fluoride treatment during the annual dental torture!

    1. That's my experience of swishing too - maybe swish-ability is in the genes


    what the heck.

    Sounds like Phys Ed at Holy Names.

    1. I didn't dare investigate but I did peek round the door of a room where people were getting slapped with wet towels - that was probably a religious thing xx


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