Wednesday, April 16

Bouncy Cheese

Trampoline Bridge for Paris designed by Atelier Zundel Cristea 

The Man came back from India.

After a few days he was suffering from paneer-withdrawal symptoms

we should make some paneer

I said yes we should

I found a recipe:

bring whole milk slowly to the boil. as it rises in the pan add lemon juice. stir until properly separated then pour everything through a muslin to strain off the whey. compress the curds and refrigerate.

I did this

The Man ate it and said that it was almost as nice as Indian paneer but the Indians made it bouncier - could I make it bouncy?

Last night the Indian fim-maker came for supper, she and I made paneer together and when it was finished it still wasn't bouncy. The Man asked why.

You have to make industrial quantities and put a lot of preservatives in to make it bouncy


  1. Men have got a thing about things that are bouncy.
    It's always the same solution as well.

    1. - give them a hand pump and a bladder for christmas?

  2. Is the bouncy cheese available in DD-cup?


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