Monday, April 21

This Easter Weekend I Tried To Fix Things

Bedroom by Geraldine Pilgrim

I bought special non-drying paint for the window sill but only discovered this marvellous thing when  I attached my newly made window box onto the newly painted window sill and the paint wrinkled up. This happens to me when I paint my finger nails and I suspect it has everything to do with lack of patience on my part.

I have mended a sheet and a pillowcase and dyed a huge duvet cover the wrong colour - the sort of pink that will hurt my eyes if I sleep under it - this is because I tried to make one pack of dye stretch too far and now I have to go and get another pack and do it all over again.

Last night I dreamed that I was in a strange basement apartment. I wasn't supposed to be there and I didn't have any clothes on but I'd promised to feed the man's turtles which were on the floor in the kitchen. They were very thin and almost transparent so I had difficulty seeing them and I was worried that I would tread on them. The cat was normal so I fed that instead and then the daughter came home and was surprised to see me standing there, naked in her house. I wanted to ingratiate myself so I told her.
I fed your cat

she said
We don't have a cat
and left the building


  1. I occasionally unintentionally dye my whites pink in the wash!

    1. get a pack of dye and make them a proper red

  2. I used to have a reoccurring dream about a basement flat.. but clothes were involved and piles and piles of clutter that I only just realised belonged to me... gifted to me from a stranger. It wasn't as scary as your dream.

    1. I have phases of scary dreams - leaves me in a terrible mood x

  3. Words fail me. Thank God for Lulu.


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