Monday, April 28

Taking My Monsters to Work

I felt a sharp pinch on my shoulder blade when I got dressed this morning. I assumed it was something to do with eating toast in bed and gave the area a light brush with my hand before putting on a sensible jumper and setting off to my job at the Brain Doctor's.

There were little pinches on my back during the day but it would've been unladylike to fiddle inside my clothing so I ignored it.

I have just had a bath. When I got out and started to dry myself SOMETHING REALLY STUNG ME and in the mirror I could see a thing on my red red back - I swiped at it and screamed like a girl and on the floor dropped a very damaged ladybird.


  1. Replies
    1. Invasion of the Killer Ladybirds Hit UK!!!

  2. Yikes! I had been thinking it was going to be a red wasp or somesuch. Take care.

    1. I shall stop eating toast in bed - then I'll know it's not just crumbs biting me


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