Wednesday, April 23

Drunk Trike is all Packed Up

and ready to go off for a little holiday with her new boyfriend - a recumbent tandem who's taking her to Ashby de la Zouch. She got the large black valise into the luggage rack the little brown vanity case has to stay behind.

I'm not projecting at all - no I'm not - but it just so happens that I will be heading away from here for a couple of days myself.  I'm within 24 hours of starting to pack and getting quite excited.

Just looked at the details of this post and read that it was published at 5.04pm 'Standard Athletic Time' that's because my eyes won't read properly anymore.


  1. Oooooh Lulu, what have I been doing not reading your blog?
    I've just had a lovely catch up from my little receptionist desk too! Laughing under my breath and then out loud. You've made my day as usual. Thanks my Love. xxx

  2. In my experience, recumbent tandems are pestiferous hipsters. I worry that Drunk Trike is head for heartbreak.

    PS: Will you be taking the brown valise on your trip?

    1. She always picks wrong 'uns. I have indeed borrowed that little valise for my own trip

  3. That brown valise would be way too small for all my vanity!!
    And people wonder why I don't travel much.

    1. I went to a place where I knew I'd have to leave excess vanity in the porch - I didn't want to risk losing it


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