Thursday, March 13


affluent (ˈæflʊənt
- adj
1. rich: wealthy
2.  abundant; copius
3. flowing freely
_ n
4. archaic a tributary stream

related words
backwater, brook, brooklet, creek, rill, rivulet, run (chiefly Midland), Streamlet; fountainhead, head, headstream, headwater, source



For the last month I have alternated between blaming the weather and the bath for the sometimes-sometimes-not water that makes it's way through the ceiling downstairs.

The plumber rowed in today and listened patiently as I explained my expanding-hot-pipes-hypothesis. He flushed the lavatory then put his hand inside the inspection hole I had made in the wall. Then he told me to put my hand in the hole while he flushed again

And  lo! water did fountain forth from the cistern

It's also wet under the bath because the pipes there aren't quite joined up - this is producing that red herring effect that was driving me crazy and there was also water coming out of another bit of toilet plumbing which wasn't helping matters and now the floorboards are properly up we can really appreciate the smell of the fungus that has been growing in there.

The other thing I did today was mix farmyard manure into the compost heap

I would like tomorrow to be less about effluent

Image: Feather fountain by Kate MccGwire


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