Wednesday, March 26

Things I Saw Today

Wheelie Bin has left  Drunken Trike - now she's in the family way

here they are in happier days

then I found this shrew corpse nearby

I tried to pick off the last bit of skin but it's what's sticking his head on

On Friday or Sunday I listened to Murray Walker on the radio talking about his days in advertising during the sixties the interviewer brought up the fact that he was photographed eating dog food

We wanted the housewife to stop feeding the dog on scraps and go out and buy a tin of dog food, in order to convince her that the stuff in the tin was good enough I'd open one and eat some in front of her

First there was the disturbing image of a man on the doorstep spooning dog food into his mouth

but now I keep thinking about all the things that have been invented that we never knew we needed: fitted kitchens and body products and party bags and little dresses to go on the chairs at wedding celebrations

I've had to open a box of stale panetone to cheer myself up


  1. Indeed, I think a lot about needless things and have altered my language accordingly... I make sure that I say 'I want' or 'I would like'... and not 'I need', it makes a difference.
    Don't pick at the shrew....

    1. can't help it, I've had it lying on the table next to me. xxx

  2. I'm thinking the Panettone would be good with some Rum...

    1. Darn - why didn't I think of that?


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