Tuesday, March 11

Life is a Palamino Pony

My man is waltzing off to India again and I'm trying really hard not to be bitter about it but it's seeping out of the edges of me and a bit of it came out of my mouth this evening

he said

why can't you just appreciate the palamino pony that is your life you should be seeing all that lovely beige colour on top you're just looking at it's underbelly .... where it laid on a cowpat


  1. One of my favorite Saturday morning TV cowboys was Roy Rogers, who rode a golden palomino name Trigger. I saw them at a rodeo in Houston in the mid-1950s.


  2. for little girls in my day palaminos were the ultimate thing - this was before the princess thing happened I wanted to be Roy Rogers

  3. I say, give in to your inner Lipizzaner and dance around in a haughty manner. This always cheers me up.

    1. It would cheer anyone up - I bet your Lipizzaner act is fantastic


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