Saturday, March 1

Digging Around

Sunny afternoon in the community garden forking manure over the raised beds followed by orange cake and E. Coli.

this is just in case there are no future posts you'll know what happened to me

The birds have just changed their melodic evening song to a repetitive chuckchuckchuck response to the cat that has invaded the garden

Sun, spring and bird song have made me yearn for the coast, I've decided to go soon and visit Brighton, a town where I went to art college and then liked it so much that I stayed on for another five years.

In those days I paddled a canoe in the sea a lot. Every evening I'd start at the marina and head for Worthing (but never got further than Hove).

Last time I visited Brighton it was to attend the funeral of a friend who used to live two streets away from my house, we saw each other nearly every day for seven years then one day she stopped talking to me and I couldn't find out why - many years later we met and she told me and it seemed such a strange thing to be so upset about for so long that despite efforts to mend this great friendship it was too broken and next time I heard about her it was to hear that she was so ill.

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