Friday, February 28

Bum Box

I always try and sit at the window at this time of the evening when the sun turns all the houses across the road golden and the blackbird is singing his heart out. No photo will ever capture it so instead I have photographed this box which I only actually looked at after I had emptied out my groceries today.

The enormous hairballcat just ran into my garden and ducked into the grass under the tree where the birds are singing, I squeaked opened the broken sash window and pitched a book at where the hairball was hiding making it shoot up a wall where it is now sitting on and swearing loudly at me - that's spoiled the mood a little


  1. I am imagining a soundtrack of the singing blackbird, squeaking window sash, thump of the book hitting, and swearing cat.

    1. ... I never actually get the cats LX - they're mainly swearing about being revealed to the birds


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