Wednesday, February 19

Bottom-Banging Squatters

I couldn't remember if I was supposed to visit Space Lady today so I phoned her to find out:

Well yes but no can you come next week instead we've got squatters

How exciting!

No not really they're banging their bottoms on the window when they try and get in and that wakes me up

Have you tried talking to them?

No they haven't shown themselves to be spoken to yet

Well maybe if you speak to them then you can find out what sort of people they are

Oh I can see what sort of people they are - they're the middle class sort


  1. I saw the police round up several van loads of squatters in Berlin in 2011. I didn't observe any bottom banging though.

    1. I bet it happened behind closed doors

  2. Could be the name of a new band?

    1. I have now started the Bottom-Banging Jam Quartet - wanna make it a quintet?


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