Monday, February 3

More Wind

Not much rain today but the cold is arriving and I am curling up at the edges, I will soon look as pinched as a lettuce that has been left too long at the back of a fridge.

My front door was burst open this morning by the sheer force of a man knocking on it, all the wind came in at once and smashed open the inside doors - the explosions made me scream and the man laugh.

Supper was so good I am definitely going to dream about it, I opened a tiny bottle of truffle oil and dripped the contents over buttered, peppery spaghetti.


  1. It has been raining here for... well, forever...
    Definitely for the last 24hrs. And more is coming.
    Can you fix a bolt on the door? I am worrying about you.

    1. I must do something about door, but what a great way to meet the postman!

  2. Lordy! We just have teeny-weeny baby cyclones...
    I rather wish you had not mentioned buttered, peppery spaghetti...rummages in pantry to see how much pasta lurks there...

  3. Yikes! Get that door lock fixed!

    Overcast and drizzle here this week. No pasta in the house...

    1. I know, I'm a useless door-mender. You need pasta go and get some (plus the truffle oil - and that goes for you too Dinah!)


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