Wednesday, February 5

Here Comes The Sun…

painting by Luli Sanchez

Not really - lots more rain and wind - the radio is full of stories about the sea throwing stones at houses and washing away the railway lines.

But we laugh at the rain here in Bristol, on Monday a bus driver said he’d seen a crocodile in the river and it’s made INTERNATIONAL news. There’s already grafitti up and ‘Chris’ has two Twitter accounts.

In non-weather news: I have toothache and made, what I thought would be  a soothing, gruel for lunch but I added some out-of-date porcini which made the entire kitchen smell of horse manure and the gruel taste a bit farmyardy

None of this bothers me – not one jot because I have a ticket to visit That London where I will go to look at art and people and shiny things.

Also I have many duck legs slowly melting in my oven - the farmyard smells have been replaced by the scent of  butter and cardamom and cinnamon and anise and orange.


  1. Now I am waiting for Banksy to "do" Chris!

    PS: I am having visions of legless ducks. Was Chris involved?

    1. I think Chris is working at the local butchers, these days I ask for 'Chops please and make them snappy'

  2. Whisky for toothache! Nothing else will do. Also Whisky for weather as well.


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