Tuesday, February 25


Today's future from Miranda July ...

what have we learned about pants? 
1) many things look better  inside of them, and 
2) therefore you should calm down.

I have just had a long phone call with a long lost friend which was wonderful and sad at the same time

Yesterday I was given some chocolates filled with liquid espresso coffee which aren't very nice until you drop them into a cup of hot coffee to make a pool of mocha at the bottom of the cup - as soon as I had done this I  was distracted by a phone call  and forgot about the chocolate/espresso bomb so it was like a surprise bonus.

I did my weekly hoovering for the tidy-elderly people today and noticed some hand-written instructions near the computer.

• turn the computer off properly USING 'SHUT DOWN'
• put junk mail  in 'trash'
• delete the things that I want to keep for later and might need (put in junk)

I asked the tidyelderlyman if this was a real instruction

Yes it is ... I had a crash and an expert came and told me to do these things

You might have misunderstood - maybe you could check with him

I can't really understand anything he says ... I ask him to repeat everything five times and then I give up.

That is exactly what happens to me when I meet computer experts


  1. The photo is all too true for those who live with cats.

    1. I have visited cats and I know this

  2. It takes less than a crash to confuse me ! If I'm ever instructed to "reconfigure" something or "turn off" something or "alter settings" I pull the plug and take the toy to the computer shop.
    One of my cats likes to sleep on the bath mat - when I'm in the shower!

    1. For you to dry your feet on - sweeet!


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