Wednesday, February 12

Gimme Shelter

Bloom by Sam Spenser

Umbrella circulation has ground to a halt, I have left more of them in other people’s houses than they have left in mine.

I went to an umbrella shop and picked a beautiful saffron-coloured umbrella which I was just going to buy but just before I did I put it up to see if it seemed strong enough to withstand the hurricane that is currently visiting us. I wasn’t sure that it did seem sturdy and tried to put it away, I got the stalk all telescoped in but I couldn’t get the canopy shut so I had to leave it coracle-like on the floor of the store while I slipped out….

This grey weather is making me crave all things yellow. Today I dyed one of my charity shop jumpers the colour of sunflowers.

This evening there was a public talk at the university given by a newly appointed Chair of cognitive psychology - an award-garlanded professor. The theme of the talk was 'misinformation'. The professor informed us that the public are frequently misinformed, media outlets such as the Daily Mail  and Fox News do more misinforming than the BBC or NPR and people who get their information from the first sort of media are more misinformed than people who don’t.

I want to institute an award - it will be called the ‘No Shit, Sherlock’ Award


  1. And I hereby award you a garland(of yellow, natch) for being so bloody astute!
    Love that brolly tree.

    1. I want to grow a brolly tree in our garden

  2. Maybe they could make a giant umbrella and cover the whole country... they could open it in emergencies like the Thames barrier.

  3. Wouldn't put the BBC at the top of the tree these days ...I get better news from South Africa's Mail and Guardian.

    But I wouldn't mind a saffron umbrella...not a parasol as suitable for the summer as 'I might be mistaken for one of the Chinese busy taking over Costa Rica

    1. You wouldn't believe how delicious it looked Helen. I think you might have a point about Beeb

  4. Color Test.

    I get the news I need on the weather report.
    I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.

    The Only Living Boy In New York
    Simon and Garfunkel

  5. Be my Valentine!


    1. of course - I'm honoured MMMWAhh! xxx


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