Tuesday, February 18

Wind and Sun

The sun has been out all day and everyone has been walking around un-berella-ed 

Sometimes my sense of smell turns on me - today I had enormous trouble walking into a house simply because of the sweaty people in it, same thing happened yesterday at the garden centre - I think it's my hormones.

I made a terrific supper with rice and lentils, cabbage and anchovies and toasted hazelnuts, cheap and tasty - if slightly windy.


  1. I caught quite a whiff from a woman the other day - it's so much less common than it used to be, I was surprised. You must have a really sensitive sense of smell. You couldn't be changing species, I suppose?

    1. I can track people with my nose Z, I might actually be a dog

  2. I've always been more than half dog myself.


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