Monday, March 10

Hiding Places

The redhead showed me a spoon that was somewhere between a teaspoon and dessert spoon in spoon capacity but with an interestingly long handle

This is my husband’s favourite spoon I hate it I’ve been hiding it in my bag for two years I worry about what I should do if he becomes old and ill and misses his spoon

I said that she could also look at it in the way that she could now do something really bad and then before he got cross she could hold up the spoon and say - Hey look what I've just found - it's your favourite spoon !

No he knows I’ve got it

Then she said
a backpack’s a really good hiding place because it keeps moving around also behind the bottom drawer in a set of drawers that’s a good hiding place too.

Then the other woman in the room told us that a really good place to hide alcohol is the space between the bin liner and the bin.

Image from Lui Bolin's  - Hiding in the City Series


  1. "...between the liner and the bin..." Dear god!

    1. genius isn't it, I've put all my stuff there now

  2. He's lucky she is only hiding the spoon. Ex used to throw out my stuff!

    1. I will tell him that if I ever meet him


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