Friday, July 8

I'm nuturing a growing obsession

with bacteria - the more I read about them the more I love mine. Ten days ago the dentist made me drink a suicide cocktail of antibiotics and I've spent the intervening days growing a replacement microbe population.

In scientific experiments, lack of gut bacteria makes mice unhappy and listless - they won't bother swimming to safety and that definitely happened to me - I too forgot how to swim to safety without my biome.

This enthusiasm for all things bacterial might not be making me the best company at parties - best avoid me until I'm past the honeymoon phase of this particular relationship.

In Other News

Summer popped briefly in to the UK last month - then we had a referendum - Summer buggered off leaving Squally Showers to punish us for being pillocks.

Our political landscape has become a surreal farce with various overgrown schoolboys running away to hide behind their mother's aprons while peeping out to point and laugh at the Punch and Judy show going on in the Labour party. Our next Prime Minister will be one awful woman or another awful woman, which might be better than a series of awful men - but not much.

A Happy Thing

Mrs Bird still  pops in to nitpick about the state of our kitchen


  1. Our political landscape is also dismal. In four months there will be an election to replace one awful man with either an awful woman or another awful man. I would rather vote for the bacteria.

    Have a good weekend.

    1. bacteria already rule the world and they make much better decisions than many people - and they can make mice happy. I hope your weekend is lovely xx

  2. One week ago we all toddled off to various polling booths ans duly recorded our choice(s) on, in one case, a strip of paper almost 2 metres long.
    I was going to vote for the pirate party, because I thought they might be fun.Then I realised that we've been governed by pirates on the Ship of State for years.
    And, one week down and STILL COUNTING... we are officially still un-governed.
    There's some very dodgy bacteria, too.Especially in politicians!

    1. Looks like Justin T will have to extend his remit

  3. Our awful woman has been chosen!!
    Nice summing up of recent events.

    1. I notice that she's pretending to be nice - until we've walked into the candy house!


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