Friday, July 15

Kale Mountain

I'd photograph it but the pile of vegetation arriving from next door has got to the point that I can no longer push my way into the kitchen, there's also lettuces, raspberries and a cabbage the size of a big man's head

In Other News

I've been scraping the rust off my Spanish - listening to Spanish radio through the computer and language exchanging with Dolores - in this dayandage we should be able to meet in a clinic, have wires attached to our heads and download each others language files but unfortunately we are still poor so we meet every day for one hour: Spanish on Monday, English on Tuesday and so on for ever until one of us leaves the country.


  1. I'm thinking raspberry ice cream! No ideas for the salad stuff. Sorry.

    1. kale and potato cakes and raspberries with ricotta,

  2. Salada espagnole. Y sangria. Mucho sangria.
    Well, that should help things along. Buenos noches y swan vestas, amigos!

    Why, yes, I am a gringo.How did you guess?

  3. I have no idea about Spanish or vegetables.... perhaps chocolate sauce would help?


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