Saturday, July 9

While I was in Wales

the Man started putting out food for Mrs Bird. 

I was hanging out clothes this afternoon and she came hopping around near my feet - the Man said

she wants blueberries

I put some blueberries out on a plate

no you have to cut them up, she likes them quartered

I did this then turned my back to do some other chores, when I looked back at the plate the berries were so cleanly gone that I was sure that it must've been the Man eating them and pretending - like he used to do the Tooth Fairy. He came out behind me and looked at the clean plate

she likes some cheese after blueberries - shave a little Parmesan for her

It's like Santa Claus all over again


  1. I believe in Mrs Bird, the gourmet!

    Do I get three wishes or something?

  2. I have now seen her eating these gourmet snacks so we can all have 3 three wishes

  3. What a lazy bird!!! Our birds strip all fruit, and veg seedlings within minutes of them showing any sign of life.... nothing even makes it into the kitchen. This is because Mr Blue was too lazy to get the cloches out of the garage...


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