Saturday, March 7


7th March
For the filming there’s a real sense of urgency as spring is rushing in and there’s so much to get done. These projects feel like an obstacle race as one emergency looms up after another:

On Wednesday we carried all the filming equipment into the new studio, it was a little dusty so we pushed a broom over it, but it became dustier and then it seemed as though the floor was dissolving back into powder which sent us into a major panic, we finally calmed down sufficiently to call the Tall Builder who’d laid the floor, he came and painted it with PVA which seems to have stabilised it.

There’s considerable tension because we’ve run out of money again and can’t get the next tranche of funds until April and the Big Controller’s new financial year

We can only get one computer to connect to the internet and we’re all fighting over it. There’s emailing and ordering to be done online, the Camera Boys, having left behind their partners, want to spend the evenings Skyping - so no surfing for me.

My immediate job is to prepare the garden for planting. I went to see my neighbour and gardener-extraordinaire M. Bert (the man who showed me round this place when I first came to look at it.) His illness is progressing, his wife watches him anxiously while we chat about cabbages.

I’m off to a stableyard now to fill the car with horse manure.

Cat Update:
Thank you for all the lovely messages of sympathy about Kevin, he was one naughty, funny Jack the Lad sort of cat and I really miss him. His sister is still very upset, she stays close to anyone who’s outside without actually letting anyone near enough to touch her.


  1. How many camera boys do need for a project like this? I would have thought a couple of remote control devices used to film inside a colon before surgery would do the job.

  2. One of my cats reacted the same when the other cat died. He was very depressed until I got another cat.

  3. Reclaim that computer. Let the boys text.

  4. Gorilla - We're using several different sorts of set-ups including endoscopes. One filming rig needs two people to work it, then someone else would be either setting up a timelapse or digitising and logging the material that has been filmed.

    xl - it's so sad isn't it?

    Frenchie - I'm being beaten off the computer as I type ... they have sharp pointy sticks ... aargh

  5. Chuck the camera boys off the computer. Let them text instead. we need you rather more than those lovestruck young swains. A nation waits on your every word!

    How are the ants, by the way? Are they shrivelled?

  6. Ah... PVA - the answer to sticking almost everything, including nipple tassels and comedy beards.

  7. Horse manure for compost?

    Hope y'all have your tetanis up to date.

  8. This post encapsulates what's so good about your blog: Beatrix Potter with lashings of sex. More, please.

  9. Must be strange, having your silent fiefdom suddenly so populated. Fun too.

    Try and get the manure from the dry, crumbly bottom of the heap, or the weeds will overwhelm (but I'm probably teaching you to suck eggs).

  10. I feel a bit guilty as in a mad moment of something I bought a compost bin two years ago, was very diligent for about 6 mnths and have not looked inside it since.

  11. Inkspot - lashings of sex, I'll see what I can do. We are expecting a visit from Miss Whiplash...

    Brother T - It is fun mostly, having to learn to share has it's problems though.

    I know embarrassingly little about gardening, but I did try and get the oldest manure.

    Frenchie - It'll be feeding the worms - which is great!!

  12. Madame Defarge - 2 X CB > 1 X me

    ants still ok though

    Scarlet - you use PVA for the tassells do you? - I find honey more fun

    Jacob - More things to worry about!

  13. i should have sent you cap'n chaos' resume, sugar! he's aces with the camera and all things like that! xxoo (and even better, he blogs, so he understands...)

  14. Savannah Darlin'- Capn Chaos sounds like fun


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