Monday, March 16

The Food At The Bar Goes La Di Da

16th March
Shane has transformed our scruffy spit-and-sawdust café into a gastrodome, he's bought new white tablecloths and fine glassware, there are pretty candle holders on the tables and he has introduced a wine list. He is quite meticulous and sculpts all the tomatoes and carrots into roses which means that it takes a while for the food to actually make it to the table - but I mustn't be mean, he did serve an impressive meal to the pétanque club this weekend.

The pétanqueuers didn’t quite know what to make of this, they ordered their carafes of House Red as usual, peered suspiciously at the little towers of food on their plates and dipped fingers gingerly into the raspberry sauce that had been trickled around the edges of their plates, but by the end of the evening while Naughty Vera was running the selection process for who would be entertaining her later on, Shane was regaling a happy bunch of chaps with tall tales of how many Spanish prostitutes he could fit into his ski chalet.

Meanwhile on the filming lot...
We love timelapse filming, I’ve already gone on about it here. For spring we're filming flowers opening. This involves setting up stills cameras to take a series of photographs at regular intervals. We've now got beautiful dandelions opening in a nearby field - starting at dawn, the path of the sun is clearly marked by the shadows of the flowers as they open up. Daisies and celandines are really good too. We’ve also blacked out one of the sheds and placed branches of tightly shut blackthorn blossom in sugared water, these are lit constantly, cameras are left pointing at them and clicking away for a week or so until they’ve fully opened.

Tomorrow we rehouse the ants ...


  1. Hope you can put a sample of your time-lapse online later.

    Have you seen Koyaanisqatsi? Excellent time-lapse work.

  2. The big day is coming! I bet the ants have ants in their pants!

  3. I hope your weather is as beautiful as our weather for ant rehousing.

  4. I think that I'd like Shane to sculpt the tomatoes into the shape of ants. That would be the exercise of true culinary art. And would be useful stunt doubles for the real ones.

  5. Prostitutes in his chalet? I do hope that has a better punchline than the one about elephants in the Mini.

    Yes, rehouse the ants. I'm on their side, deffo.

  6. xl - I'll try but it means stealing the footage off a very big computer

    I agree Koyaanisqatsi is excellent

    GB - actually the ants are in my pants - warming up

    JoeyJoJo - It have been fabulous here.

    I love writing your name ... Joeyjojojojo

    Mme DeF - I would set him to sculpt tomato ants just to see him try - but chocolate ones might be more convincing as stunt doubles

    Inkspot - I didn't get to hear the prostitute punchline - what have you been up to with elephants in your mini then?

  7. I have a little vision of the ants packing their suitcases. This is because I am quite stupid.

  8. So Shane is actually quite a professional despite his other failings. I'm waiting for the day when he has to make the ants their dinner. (This should be some forfeit for when you've got him tied up in your attic).

  9. Your day to day life sounds absolutely fascinating - your evening to evening life is not too bad either.

    I was thinking about you t'other day and wondering if you would ever let us know when your documentary would be on television - because, of course, we would get to see all your names. Go on - we won't tell anyone.

    Glad you've got Shane making your village bar a bit more up-market. I'm all for fine dining.

  10. Gadjo - Having Shane tied up in my attic would be far more of a punishment for me, but he is generally quite easy to wind up - he's scouting for a driver replacement - result!

    Frenchie - This blog is so heavily edited, if I went on about how it feels to heft heavy kit up steep muddy hills and then the great boring stretches of time standing around getting cold and wet you'd die from the tedium.

    I might be needing this blog to let off some acidic steam in which case anonymity will probably help my case in the libel courts

  11. oh this Shane gets on my nerves with his talk of chalets and fancyladies! does he wear leather vests by any chance? and overly-tight in the crotchal-region pants? goodness, it's enough to put you off your crème brûlée. almost.

    i also CANNOT WAIT to get a glimpse the time-lapse work!

  12. Hi Scarlet - Sorry I missed you earlier, if only they would pack their suitcases and sort themselves out - it's all been a disaster

    TP - This is the bizarre thing - Shane is not a man for the laydeez.

    Will see if I can get some of the TL later

  13. Will re-homing the ants be the next post?

  14. I'm picturing the ants in a line doing the conga. This may be because I am still drunk.

  15. Hi Lulu -
    I feel like I have been away since I haven't left a comment lately. Not to worry, still reading every word and taking in those, what to call them? Illustrations? Assemblages? Collages? I love them all. Also, I just watched your new slideshow. Is it featuring "The Lovely House"? It appears so, so, French, and lovely.

  16. Scarlet - remoning ants post coming right up

    Prunella - you are drunk, it's the bees doing the conga

    KSV - always lovely to get feedback and thrilled that you drop by - thank you

  17. EEuw that was REHOMING the ants


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