Friday, March 27

Weekly Round Up

Friday 27th
We’ve had some trials this week; someone went out every morning to set up a timelapse sequence and every day the focus was out. Spider Man was due to turn up on Monday to start logging our footage, he phoned to say that he’d written off his car so we arranged that I’d pick him up at the train station and he’d stay over at our place for a couple of days. On the journey from the station I asked him what happened with his car, he told me that he’d been out on a moth hunt and fell asleep on his way home, he woke the next morning upside down in a field. I might have to rethink the name I've given him.

Mrs Druid has been around a lot over the last few days putting up an electric fence on our land in preparation for bringing her sheep in to graze, she is actually quite lecherous and keeps luring the Camera Boys away from filming to help her bang in her posts. I am now experiencing quite a lot of irritable feelings towards her so I’ve asked her to take the weekend off and we’ll help her bring her sheep in next week*.

It’s gone quiet for a moment, we’ve had lunch, I’ve just taken Spider/Moth/WhateverMan back to the station and one of the Camera Boys has gone back to the UK for a week, the rest of the afternoon is for tidying up. I’m a bit distracted though, The Director has arrived at a significant birthday and soon people are going to start turning up for the weekend celebrations.

* we’ve been bribed with the promise of half a lamb in return for the grazing, there is a lot of grassland here and we can’t afford a mower because we’ve still not got the money from the Big Controller that was due last year

Animal Update
Julie the bereaved cat:
has transformed into quite a friendly thing, still very timid but she hangs around us while we’re outside and lets me stroke her sometimes.

Ants: none of them have survived last week's attack, the other relocations we tried in more controlled conditions were also unsuccessful.

Bumble Bees: have made their special wooden box comfy with mud and moss and are happily flying in and out of their new home - we will be filming them next week.


  1. Suggestion: Spider Man becomes Mothra!

    Sad about the ants. Happy about Julie.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. How about fixing Mrs Druid up with Monsieur Mullet? You could get some footage of them together if the insects don't perform.

  3. Hmmm I may have to use that as my next chat up line. "I say could you come out the back & help me bang in a can do the banging."

  4. I think Gb may be on to something with M. Mullet. Something has to be done.

    Do you think that Spiderman should be Batman?

    Maybe you could send Mrs Druid on the one of the homeware parties?

  5. he woke the next morning upside down in a field

    I know the feeling... but in a good way...

    P.S Sorry about the ants.

  6. i agree with jjj that would be a great line to use - if one ever had the opportunity...
    so, is mrs d thinking the promise of fresh young lamb = fresh young camera boy? one sacrifical lamb for another?

  7. xl - Mothra mmm - possibly

    GB - I'd love to set that one up

    JoeyJoJoJojo - Excellent - we need to be as good as the guys at chat up lines

    Mme DeF - Tempted with batman, Mrs Druid actually might have enjoyed the homeware party

    Scarlet - I'd like to hear your stories about finding yourself upside down n a field.

    Deb - Mrs D isn't just looking at our young lambs with a sacrificial eye though - The Director keeps complaining about her advances too

  8. Our Kevin Musgrove also makes comfy wooden boxes for his bumble bees, you should invite him over, but he'll be at the jam sandwiches before the wasps etc have had a look in!

  9. holy moley, sugar! what a week! xoxo

  10. Damn, I'd bet good money on those ants.

    It's impressive that the French for earwig is perce-oreille. Do they really make good earrings?

  11. Trust the Director to come back in time for a birthday do when all mayhem has been breaking out in his absence.Do you have to do lots of preparation for the party - see what I've done there? Not mentioned the ants once.

  12. Inkspot,

    "for my" ,"Ants" in the old haunted castles !
    we have the insurance "Abeille Vie" ;)

  13. Gadjo - I have visited Mr Musgrove he sounds terrific - likes a jam sandwich does he?
    Savannah - my dear nothing compared to my weekend

    Frenchie - Amazing restraint on the ant front, I think you might have to set up your own colony, I think you're hooked on ant-keeping

    Inky - Earwigs make great earrings as long as you dab jam on your lobes

    Crabbers - tu garde tes fourmis dans les chateaux - chic alors!

  14. "Put jam on your lobes..." that is the sexiest thing I have ever heard.


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