Wednesday, March 11

Breaking The Ice

11th March
Félix came over last night, he is very shy and speaks no English so we welcomed him by showing him a darts game we'd just invented:

Who fetches the beer?
Someone throws a dart to make the challenge, everyone in the room has to grab a dart and throw it at the board from wherever they were when the challenge was declared. furthest from the bull gets the beer (from the insect fridge in the cold back kitchen). If you're facing away from the board when the challenge is made - tough the dart has to be thrown over your shoulder.

Félix thought that one was great so we invented some more games including:

How many darts can you get into a board in a single throw?
Funnily enough cramming your fist with loads of darts and hurling them at the board doesn’t mean that more stick in, just throwing two or three has more success than six at once.

How far can you be from the board and still get a dart in?
You can get a sightline to the dartboard from the back of the next room but no-one has been able to throw that far yet.

Félix did end up having to fetch a lot of beer, but he went home happy with a big net and a list of dragonfly larvae species to hunt down.


  1. I bet Julie was in hiding with all these missiles and drunken men about. Are you the only female? Do you have to be 'one of the lads' or are they all flirty and sweet?

  2. Hi Frenchie - How's the studying going?

    Julie would never come into the house, but she loves it when we're outside.

    At the moment I'm the only girl apart from Julie but I'm hoping Miss Whiplash will come out around easter time.

    The boys are very sweet but there's no flirting because they all think I'm their mother (including the Director). I am expected to help carrying the heavy gear around and work in whatever difficult weather is going on.

  3. Are you going to let the insects have some of that beer? It could spice up the documentary. I don't think pissed insects have ever been seen on TV before.

  4. Félix seems to be a very good sport.

  5. I think my old house must have once been occupied by a darts team... the doors are full of holes... Well it was either a darts team or an infestation of woodworm...

  6. But don't the darts tend to stick in something else if they don't hit the board? You could give consolation prizes (or reduced forfeits) for people whose darts end up in the sofa, the television, next door's cat, etc.

  7. Gorilla - you may have and not realised but they like it too much and end up telling rude jokes not suitable before the watershed.

    xl - Félix is great, he invented some really good games

    Scarlet - As our house is already so well infested with woodworm, I don't think the landlord will notice the extra holes we've made.

    Gadjo - We ended up giving special bonuses if someone actually managed to get a dart in the board.

    We're not being total vandals, the board hangs on a wall with a spectacularly nasty cement crepi on it.

  8. Judging by that side table, any stray darts have a good chance of killing woodworm. Sound good games. Underarm darts might have potential?

  9. I am checking The Google to see what it says about mixing beer with wildly flying sharp objects that could cause great bodily harm.

  10. Brother T - underarm darts would be brilliant, I think you need to come over and show us the rules.

    Wow - I'd have thought that you of all people wouldn't need the Google or that.

  11. You have the BEST parties. :-)


  12. Hi Kelly - we've learned to make do with simple pleasures


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