Tuesday, April 21

Correspondence From Miss Whiplash

21st April
Miss W is holding the fort back in France. There are a few things puzzling her, I thought I'd share some of the emails ...

I can’t deal with your kitchen - I’m going out to buy a load of bread and we’re just doing sandwiches til you get back.

Those jars in the fridge – should I tip everything out and check whatever's in the damn thing when I change the damp tissue? I can’t tell which are the bits of twig and dirt and what’s alive and I’m frightened that a bug might be in the stuff that gets on the floor

That woman came over to put her sheep back in - WTF!!!, the boys spent the morning with her!!! – she got right on my tits - do we invoice her??!


  1. Well, if someone got on my tits, I'd definitely invoice them!

    Great dispatches from 'home'!

  2. Bit of a townie then is she? You realise she'll be writing up her experiences of visiting you on her blog like it was Cold Comfort Farm ;-)

  3. Uh oh, I sense a catfight brewing between Miss Whiplash and Mrs Druid. Perhaps "cougarfight" would be a better term.

  4. Thank god you've got someone who's not afraid to stand her ground holding the fort. Miss W sounds like she's holding up well!

  5. Stef - I love seeing the place through her eyes

    Gadjo - I hope she does put it on her blog

    Gorilla - I expect you'd love a catfight/cougar fight - should I get photos?

    Daisy - Miss W would hold up well anywhere!

  6. haha! Sunday's entry is a particular favourite, along with StefRobrts' hilarious comment.

  7. Gotta hate when someone gets on your tits.

  8. I think Miss W is a very fine bug and boy steward.

  9. Ohhh lalala !!Dans ce cas c'est la facture !!

  10. katrocket - I'm going to get Miss W to take over this blog

    bb mcclain - it's worse than a pain in the arse

    xl see my answer to Kat

    Crabbers - Bien sur c'est la facture - si non nous mangeons tous les moutons

  11. Alors! you've gone bilingue on your blog.Come back and take the reins from Miss W - it's falling apart without you.

  12. If she's bent you over and placed a rather large carrot up your bottom you must fire with fire, and invoice her.

  13. Frenchie - I think she's doing terribly well - I can't handle Mrs Druid

    Mr Marks - an invoice it is

  14. I say invoice her and to hell with her. That's what I say.

  15. I fear that Miss Whiplash may not be the Amazon she appears to be. I worry for the Camera Boys' health if they're subsisting on sandwiches.

  16. Roshni - I try Roshni - life would be too dull otherwise

    Ian Lidster - I will bloomin' well invoice her to hell.

    Madame DeFarge - I think Miss W would say that she has simply not got potato-peeling hands


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