Wednesday, April 29

Sexy Cockroach Girl

30th April
That last roachy post got me a Sexy Blogger Award - I’m beginning to worry about the sort of men I’m attracting:

The deal with the SBA is that I have to tell you 5 sexy things about me;

1. I’m probably even sexier now that I’ve had a wash - apparently some men find cockroaches repulsive and think girls should smell nice

2. I tend not to bother putting a top on, and now that it’s officially Spring I’ve removed the hat

3. I must be sexy because many of the local octogenarians have offered to 'entertain’ me, a fat boy on a bike stalked me last autumn (although it was probabably my friend he was really after) – and Bruno is still hanging his knobbly roots on my gate post

At this point I’m casting around for help, the Camera Boys and Barney have snorted beer out of their noses ...

4. Miss Whiplash says she would snog me - under different circumstances - but I'm a work colleague and she's a consummate professional

5. The Director says that I would be more sexy if I stopped typing and help him find his glasses

I think the SBA is a like an STD that I’m supposed to pass on to others, Madame Defarge can consider herself doubly infected - she is so sexy that she's already picked it up from Emerson - everyone else, please have a go ...


  1. If there were an Insects-y Blogger Award, Miss Lulu would retire the trophy in that one!

  2. Could it be your fashion-forward look of diamante-studded abaya mixed with Spandex that has the fellas all atwitter?

  3. i wish i had one of those pointy bras.

  4. sorry, i was distracted by thoughts of that bra

    what's that you're saying?
    you wonder about the place without a top on? gosh. that's very 'relaxed' of you.

  5. I imagine you as a woman with a sexy laugh.

  6. Are you not also Quite Tall? I think that should be sexy thing no. 6, and I've got a mind to write a post about it.

  7. XL
    Do you think there'd be a call for such an award?

    MJ My fashion-forward look certainly gets noticed, I've been trying out the semi-abaya look (i.e a bag on my head nd nothing else) since I've been back

    TP those pointy bras aren't that comfy so I'm not as relaxed as I appear.

    Mr Bananas my laugh tends to be sexier if I have time to empty my mouth first...

    Gadj Is tall sexy? - I've always thought 'petite' was the thing for girls

  8. those pointy bras aren't that comfy so I'm not as relaxed as I appear.
    Ahhh... but that's the trick - looking at ease whilst the elastic is cutting off the circulation!

  9. See, only sexy people get stalked.

  10. Sorry to comment completely off topic but just heard this on radio 4. Thought of you.

  11. humour is a very sexy thing - I think so anyway, so therefore QED you *are* one sexy wench

  12. I think snogging or being snogged sounds like something I'd be in for!

  13. Scarlet what we go through to make ourselves attractive will never be adequately appreciated

    Hi photosexy nice to see you

    Marksy only sexy people get stalked Now I feel loads better

    JoeyJoJo - I'll catch that on the iplayer later - looks really interesting, thank you

    Ms Fancy If you find me sexy - I'm happy

    Mr Sage Looks as though you get lots of practise in that department

  14. I was quaking when I saw the title coz I hate cockroaches... so what a relief that its about your award! Congrats!!

  15. Lulu - You live in France, which makes you de facto sexy. We merely bask in your shadow and consider ourselves enhanced by your presence.

    And I am flattered to be doubly awarded.

  16. Of course you're sexy. For a start, you are not afraid of insects and will not require rescuing from anything that might prove emasculating for a male :)

  17. Funny how a little foreignety increases attraction- n'est ce pas?

    you doubly deserve the award my dear!

    Mrs Cake - I'm always having to rescue men from spiders - how mad is that?


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