Tuesday, April 28

Keep Your Cockroaches Secure

29th April
Back in France I find I’ve not been missed, Miss Whiplash and the boys have become regular pizza-eaters at the Belleville Rendezvous, (something bad has happened at our village bar but I’m not sure what). My newly made garden is thriving, the insects in the fridge are all surviving, some cockroaches and house crickets have been delivered and our white board has been updated.

The board is our record of who’s living where and their special needs. Just in case you can’t read that bottom line here’s a close up.

Some of the cockroaches are in the fridge, but as we don’t know exactly what effect refrigeration will have on their performance we have some in a glass tank in the guest bedroom with a weighted lid on and the top two inches of the inside of the tank have been coated with petroleum jelly so they won’t reach the top of the glass sides*. There are cardboard egg-box trays in the tank for them to hide in.

Tomorrow I go and get supplies to build the cockroach film set.

* If left unjellied the cockroaches will all gather on the underside of the lid ready to pour out and up our arms when we take the lid off!


  1. do like the white board & the info on keeping cockroaches secure. i am sure we are all in great anticipation for the Bar News...
    will you write a book about your "adventures in wonderland"?
    your stories would certainly give an interesting twist for the admirers of "a year in..." and "under the tuscan..."

  2. Has Miss W added a row for the boys on the status board?

  3. Are you sure cockroaches will make good TV? A lot of people might say "Euuw!" and turn off the set. I would say "Yum!".

  4. Cockroaches are total bastards, as anybody who's ever worked in a restaurant knows. I hope you realise that they'll really "showboat" when you come to film them. And, in the meantime, I wouldn't be surprised if they formed into a coachroach pyramid and prized off that lid, weighted or otherwise.

  5. Deb - I'm dreading finding out what's happened at the bar.

    I think the world has already drowned under the weight of 'A Year In...' adventures.

    XL - She has but it's unpubishable

    Gorilla - Chocolate-dipped cockroaches are delicious I gather

    ... but as Gadjo points out they are total bastards and clever ones at that - so we need to eat more of them.

  6. what an image - all of you standing there with cockroaches running all over you. I think I'd have to have four showers in a row and then shave my hair off - how do you cope?

  7. So what bad thing happened at the village bar?
    Maybe the cockroaches can be taught to dance for Simon Cowell? Another new programme in the making!

  8. They're busy little buggers, aren't they? Beady little eyes too.

    PS Lulu - please accept your sexy blog award, but don't feel obliged to post about it.

  9. Frenchie - I've had to do a lot of horrible things and I'm pretty desensitised to most of it - God knows why people think I lead a glamorous life

    Scarlet So what bad thing happened at the village bar?
    It looks as though Zizi has gone and Shane's mother is back, there's been a row with the pétanque club...

    cockroaches and Simon Cowell would be an appropriate pairing I think

    Ezza - cockroaches are very very fast movers. Your sexy award is great timing - Thank you. I will try really hard to think of reasons why I might be sexy once I've had a good wash.

  10. OK, that's it. Cockroaches are disgusting. This is not some girly "Eeeuw, spiders" sort of silliness but an objective fact. Don't bother arguing, I'm right, that's rule 1. Rule 2: in case of doubt, see rule 1. (OK, today I'm arrogant not sarcastic. Get used to it.)

  11. Oh... but we liked Zizi!! Oh that's a bugger.

  12. I'm impressed as always by the organisation involved in bugs. I can't wait to see the cockroach film set. Will they have their own chairs, with their names on the back?

  13. inkspot
    This is not some girly "Eeeuw, spiders" sort of silliness

    I think it might be

    Oh... but we liked Zizi!! Oh that's a bugger.

    I know if I dare go round and get the story, I'll tell...if it's any good

    Madame DeFarge
    Will they have their own chairs, with their names on the back?

    I think they should


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