Friday, April 3

Listing Dangerously

3rd April
The Operations Room is now entirely papered with annotated lists; lists of sequences in the can and those still to be filmed, lists of all the invertebrates that we want to film with notes regarding dates to expect certain behaviour, lists of people coming and going - and then there are the job lists, here’s our weekend job list:

Take some of the Cabbage White pupae out of the fridge and lay them out on corrugated cardboard under a gauze tent in the guest bedroom.

2) Cut a bunch of similar looking forked twigs and set one each in a flowerpot filled with clay, Take the swallowtail pupae out of the fridge and attach one to each twig with a fine thread.

3) Make sets for filming the butterflies emerging

1) film inside the bumble bee box

2) film the Wood Ants that were found a week ago

• order cockroaches and crickets
• make a very good plan to contain the cockroaches
• collect pieces of glass ordered earlier in the week along with several tubes of aquarium glue
• make lots of glass boxes
• take Spider Man back to the station then go on to the airport to collect a Coleopterist and a Camera Boy
• go looking for beetles
• change bedding, get many trolley loads of food

We're gonna shoot our way through that list 'til there's nothing left of it!


  1. Sounds like a never ending series of school projects for adults. You're juggling a lot things at once. Hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. you know, except for the bugs part, it sounds like a lot of fun! Can I play? :-)

  3. Have you ever watched the nature sequences from the old (50s-60s) Wonderful World of Disney? Lots of busy bugs and flowers opening.

  4. i could send you a personal list of invertebrates to film with interesting behavoirs, esp after they have had a few drinks...
    where do you get those most interesting images to post (in regards to the rootin' tootin' shootin' caped crusader)?

  5. make a very good plan to contain the cockroaches

    Why not have them check into a Roach Motel?

  6. A veritable beehive of activity!

    Oh Hai MJ!

  7. bb - it is a never ending series of school projects - not sure if we're actual adults though.

  8. kelly - you'd be welcome to come and play but I think the bugs might be unavoidable.

    Bill - I have seen some of those, the commentary is usually fab

    deb - Those kind of invertebrates we have a lot of round here too.

    Hey that rootin' tootin' crusader that's my genuine work outfit - makes me feel like a superhero

    (ok - I get sartorial inspiration from Maidenform)

    MJ - we are building our very own Roach Motel - there'll be an opening party! - you coming!

    xl - we are buzzing - not making much honey though

  9. This sounds just like my six year old boy's to-do list.

  10. I've never seen a to do list like it and that's the truth.

  11. You all are a small boy's fantasy world! (Some small girls' too!

  12. Don't let the roaches near the trolley load of food!
    Blimey, it sounds like Micheal Bentine's Potty time.

  13. I'm glad that there's some food on the list - at least I assume that it's for you and not for the bugs.

    I love the Camera Boys, for some reason they remind me of the Lost Boys.

  14. Too bad I can't just give you my roaches. Nothing else seems to get rid of them.

  15. building glass boxes seems like a lot of fun! Does aquarium glue come in a glue gun like tube - cuz that just seems like fun!

  16. Wow, if your six year old can hang caterpillars send him over.

    Frenchie - let's see yours then, I bet you do odd stuff too - declaiming Byron from nearby hilltops for example!

    Roshni - it does get a bit surreal here certainly - but bb's quite close with his school project analogy

    Scarlet - I never saw Micheal Bentine's Potty time, is it the sort of show where you learn how to dribble food seductively down your cleavage?

    Madame DeFarge - food for us and the bugs, actually we feed bugs to the bugs.

    Should I start calling them the Lost Boys? - it's actually more appropriate, they've left their girls and mums behind and often don't seem to have a clue what's going on here.

    Pru - once you've got them it is difficult to get rid off them, we are devising a devious moat system to keep ours where we want them.

    Deidre - Lovely to see you here,
    Aquarium glue does come in a glue gun like tube - the process is messy and might be more fun if it wasn't so fraught

  17. Cabbage White pupae get to stay in the guest bedroom while the rest have to make do with a wooden box and a few twigs?? How the other half live, eh?

  18. Oh my, what a to do list! I just love the sound of your projects. Hope the weather stays nice for your rootling.

  19. Gadjo - life is never fair is it?

    Daisy - weather too good really, everything is happening at once

  20. You can cut off their heads, but they won't die. Coachroaches that is.

  21. Emerson - you obviously have a short attention span, cockroahes will die when their heads are cut off - just not very quickly

  22. You're right. My attention span is short.


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