Wednesday, April 22

Whiplash Strikes Out

22nd April

Latest email from Whiplash…

… went for pizza to that bar in Belleville, the one with people/cow creatures painted on the windows - you HAVE to go. There are all these photos up of the people who go there having orgies, it was a bit embarrassing because I was looking at them and then I looked closer and said to Barney (and I might have been a bit loud) 'Christ it’s another gay bar' and it went all quiet then someone said, 'We do understand English you know' and there were these two girls snogging really hard in the corner and someone else said, 'We welcome everybody here'.

You didn’t tell me they understand English, I have made a complete plonker of myself.


PS They do good pizza


  1. I'm glad the pragmatic Miss W salvaged the outing with the good pizza.

  2. I'm sometimes in a section of one of our supermarkets and hear English voices from way over the other side dissing the French and their products. I know a lot of the staff speak English and I always feel upset on their behalf.

    Isn't it weird how often you see pizzas on menus with an egg in the middle of it?

  3. xl - not much a decent pizza won't solve

    Frenchie - I've sometimes been the one talked about by people who think I don't understand and I must say that I usually find it hilarious - especially their embarrassment when they discover that I do.

    I'm not sure I noticed the central egg issue, there's supposed to be one on a florentine isn't there?

    Roshni - I think her comments 'broke the ice' and everyone got on famously after laughing at her indelicacy.

  4. I wanna be just like Miss W when I grow up. She sounds like a blast!

  5. Miss Whiplash needs to go on a lesbian sensitivity and awareness course so she can view snogging girls with the right sort of respect and appreciation.

  6. Hi Lulu -
    Just catching up. What a great correspondent Ms. W is! I just read your last post featuring her vivid turn of phrase regarding the maladroit sheperdess who got right "on her tits." Is that another charming anglicism - like "in my nose"?

    On that note, I have found myself referring lately to unpleasant things as "manky" (something I picked up in the British blogosphere -a kind of word virus). One good friend told me how she loves that word and is using it all the time. The internet is changing us... I am looking forward to your explanation of the aforementioned phrase which I feel too embarrassed to type a second time.

  7. Pru - You're practically there

    GB - Do you run this type of course?

    Kevin - in love? with the new bar or Miss W?

    KSV - If you use the nose phrase like we do it's expressing the fact that someone is extremely irritating.

    Manky is also a good word but personally I tend to use 'minging' (ming-ing)

  8. At first I thought of that fine animated film about competive cycling, Belleville Rendez-Vous, and it pandered to my prejudice that the sport is so boring you'd need to have an orgy afterwards.

  9. both, I think Lulu

    (sighs dreamily and wipes fevered brow with a slice of boiled ham)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Gadjo - I loved Belleville Rendezvous and completely agree that the sport is dull enough to require serious resuscitation afterwards.

    Actually although the crew know the bar as The Laughing Cow on account of the window paintings I am hereby changing it's name to the Belleville Rendezvous

    Kevin - I'll see if I can get you membership for the Belleville Rendezvous special events, I bet they do stuff with ham that you'd like.

  12. the first thing i learned back in the day on my first trip overseas was to assume everyone understood english, so to be extremely sensitive to not only what i said, but the volume of my voice. that lesson served me and my children very well! (i never assumed anyone spoke english, so i always tried to learn a few phrases and carried the appropriate phrase book.)

  13. Funny I assume every in europe speaks english - not because I think they should...but because they're all like 10 times smarter than me and can master two languages.

  14. Savannah - you are a very well brought up lady - and a rarity.

    Deirdre - previously while out with me, Miss W she had been unable to make herself understood so she assumed that in that area she was universally unintellible.

  15. I'm wondering at the 'It's another gay bar' - where are the rest? Are there many in your area? Or has she a predilection for wandering into such places unannounced?


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