Wednesday, April 1

Testosterone Surge

1st April
Barney, The Director’s son arrived at the weekend and is going to stay and work with us for a while, Spider Man has come back to continue logging and will stay over for the week, Félix is also here today setting up the tanks for the underwater creatures.

A couple of weeks ago I posted some notes about the existing housemates
it ony seems fair to do the same for the new boys:

just got some very fancy sunglasses and won’t take them off – he probably sleeps wearing them, he never wears a jacket, in fact he generally dresses in a very impractical manner, he makes a great Pavlova - towering edifices that take an entire afternoon to construct.

Spider Man:
Rarely speaks, when he takes breaks from the computer he goes outside and swishes a big net around, then he examines what he’s caught and makes notes in the book he always carries with him, his favourite food is aubergine, he’s a bit rubbish at jam-making, he gave me a jar of his tomato jam – I wanted to taste it but I couldn’t find an implement strong enough to slice a piece out of the jar so, insane with curiosity, I had to just lick the surface of it.

collects wild food, invited me for supper and served nettle soup (pretty good actually, sprinkled with ground sesame and salt), he lives with his mother, he runs a seed bank, one evening last week he turned up with a compartmentalised box hung on a strap round his neck from which he dispensed seeds for my vegetable garden. The tomato seeds are stuck on sheets of kitchen roll with the variety written on the paper.

Miss Whiplash isn’t coming until next week, by which time the odour of smelly socks might have become overwhelming and we’ll have to run off together and set up our own salon


  1. I always admire anyone who can make a good Pavlova. Maybe he, Felix and Spider Man could compare culinary notes for the benefit of the inhabitants. You could offer to cater for the next Stanhome Experience. That might liven matters up somewhat.

  2. Is Spider Man there in a professional capacity or is he just Felix's sidekick? You seem to need a lot of people to get this show on the road. What does the producer think about these people?

  3. Madame D - Left to their own devices the boys make glorious suppers, they all go for piling high - Scooby Snacks
    "The next Stanhome Experience" don't give me nightmares

    GB - We pay both Spider Man and Felix on a casual basis, there is an amount in the budget for this. Spider Man is actually a very knowledgeable entomologist/naturalist and translates books on these subjects for a living.

  4. How many men are currently in your life? any other female insectophiles?

  5. Was the tomato jam good or more of an acquired taste (for example, like Vegemite)?

  6. Do you have any Canadian crew members?

    You can tell by the poutine on their breath.

    Oh Hai XL!

  7. Maybe you can use the tomato jam as a paper weight?

  8. I didn't know there was such a thing as tomato jam...must be a euro thing. I imagine it sort of like a tomato aspic? How did it lick...I mean taste?

  9. Ms Fancy - How many men are currently in your life? any other female insectophiles?

    There are five men in the house, I have yet to meet a woman who is as intense about insects as the male insectophiles - it's an area ripe for nerdiness.

    xl the tomato jam was surprisingly bland - sweet rubber really

    MJ - You can tell by the poutine on their breath.

    Is poutine a sort of Canadian chest rub? I can't tell because I'm being overwhelmed by so many other smells

    Scarlet - tomato jam as a paper weight - perfect because it's a lovely red jelly

    bb - it was an unremarkable lick, I had not heard of such a thing before either, tomatoes are usually preserved as pickle. I think it was an experiment

  10. Félix knows his culinary seasons alright. Nettle soup this early must be just right, tender and not too bitter. Get him to fry you some ground elder in butter...those Romans knew what they were about.

  11. Chere Lulu -So vivid! Did Spider Man see you lick his jam? I am sort of hoping not

  12. What fascinating company you keep, Lulu. For some reason I'm imagining that the chap casting seed from his seed box cast upon the ground was dressed as Moses (or Father Abraham from The Smurfs).

  13. Re recent sheep/sheep dog topic: Fasinating video.

    Oh Hai MJ!

  14. Brother T - Félix does know his planty stuff but I've not tried ground elder yet - I'm on it

    KSV - I don't think Spider Man saw me licking his jam

    Gadj - Félix dressed as Moses (or Father Abraham from The Smurfs). That's a disturbing image actually. Félix is all dreadlocky and over-pullovered and terribly young.

    xl - That's such a great video.

  15. Hi! I'm a newcomer here and your blog is intriguing, to say the least!! I hope to visit often (put you in my blogroll).

    Do visit mine when you can!

  16. Ok then, John The Baptist?

    Ha, that video is the silliest thing I've seen for ages!

  17. Hi Roshni - you are very welcome

    Gadjo - John The Baptist is nearer the mark - I hope he doesn't lose his head


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