Sunday, March 6

Addendum to Previous Post

It has never occurred to me that the toilet flush could be operated as a pedal. When I first read that notice I imagined that people must be putting their feet into the bowl to treadle their faeces down the pipe.


  1. We had some stormy weather before I could comment, but, like Ange, I was laughing.

    A NZ town, fed up with vandalism of public loos, recessed the flush button several inches into the wall.No, it was most definitely not a triumph of engineering or common sense!

    (It was Ngaruawahia, for those who need to know these things.)

  2. Yes, but if it's a pedal and you're not allowed to use your feet, does that mean you have to bend over and operate the flush pedal with your hand?
    Surely your head would then end up down the pan?

  3. Idlethoughts and Scarlet - maybe it's a composting lav that's needed?


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