Wednesday, March 16

The Longest Monday

This is where I finally put my head down last Monday night, it is where I will be staying for the next couple of weeks. Our journey to this place seemed interminable because time kept slipping as we chased the sun round the world.

1am Monday: Got out of my lovely warm UK bed met two Camera Boys, collected 28 cases full of filming equipment and drove to airport.

8pm Monday (at least 24 hours later): Costa Rican customs lady does not have the correct paperwork for our trolleyloads of cases and threatens to impound it all for a few days.

10pm Monday: Arrive at Thrifty Car And Van Hire, we booked a van, it says so on our booking reservation, we have been given a People Carrier, it is full of seats, there is no room for our cases, Thrifty Man insists that a bigger vehicle does not exist and Thrifty does not do vans, I ask for a second vehicle, the laborious task of filling in documents goes on while the Camera Boys pack as many cases as possible into this first vehicle. When 20 cases are firmly wedged in, the second vehicle is brought over – it is bigger and has less seats – we can put all our luggage in this one.

I go back into Thrifty office, make Thrifty Man tear up all the documents and start again, meanwhile the Camera Boys unload and reload the cases.

12 midnight: Santa Rosa National Park, the road got distinctly lumpy as we approached our destination, it is very very dark and for the last ten miles, dozens of Nightjars chose to squat on the road, flying up in front of the vehicle only as it is about to drive over them, I am driving and getting confused about whether this is all part of my plane dream which involved machete-wielding octopi.

When we get to where we have been told to go, all doors are locked, no notes and no-one is around except for other visitors who are sound asleep. We creep around for another hour or so until we find a hidden section of buildings with our names on the doors and keys in the locks.

The next day I get the email telling me about the change of plan.


  1. The change of PLAN?????????????????
    Quick. I need to know!!!

  2. you know, i tendered my resignation effective as soon as i finish this last assignment, but nobody seems to believe me, sugar! ;~D xoxoxoxox

    (good luck on the shoot!)

  3. I had to google Nightjars as I was getting all freaked out, too!

    Oh Hai Savannah!

  4. I sense adventure in the air...

  5. All that and a change of plan?!


  6. haha....a change of plan.... good lord

  7. Mme Fly
    Lovely here isn't it?

    Ange - all plans change constantly - we have no idea whats going on

    Sav - I have done the same for the last ten - when will they understand - THIS MUST STOP! xxx

    xl - apparently Nightjars are also known as Goatsuckers

  8. StefRobrts there's always adventure - just not sure of the quality

    Hi Pearl - Hi Nursey - plans are made to give God something to laugh at.

    Synchy - but we've got over it, there are new problems.

  9. This is an exact account of our holiday in Algarve

  10. Perils of Lulu redux. You really do have the most interesting life.

  11. geez - i was exhausted way too early in the day -

    no frickin' way would i of done this!


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